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Albert Estrada

Project Manager

Albert is a multifaceted and seasoned project manager with more than 34 years of specialized experience in all aspects of management – sales, project conception, client and subcontractor negotiations, writing contracts, CAD design, construction timeline coordination and management, facilities operation, oversee vendors, and employees. His experience in the construction and of facilities operation and maintenance, include; modernization, installation and repair of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment such as DX, glycol and Anhydrous Ammonia systems. He is also highly experienced in refrigeration rack systems Direct Digital Controls (DDC) and line voltage Ammonia/central plant controls and integration with Process Logic Controls (PLC) giving him the ability to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot any type of controls related issues.

Albert is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a duel Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Finance and a Bachelor of Science minor in Economics.

He is Florida Certified Mechanical Contractor, Anhydrous Ammonia trained and certified, and Universal CFC Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.